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LEED Support Program

LEED Support Program

Developing a LEED project requires a deep knowledge of “LEED Reference Guides” in all categories, and extensive experience in high-quality management practices.

Green Living Projects has designed a LEED Support Program, aimed at professionals taking on their first LEED project. This is a comprehensive support service for architects, engineers and project managers in charge of a LEED project, enabling them to tackle their projects with guarantees and competitiveness, and also eliminate risk.

The LEED Support Program encompasses three services:


LEED Coaching

LEED Coaching consists of providing continuous support to the LEED Project Manager and is focused on the application of our best management practices throughout the LEED certification process. The LEED coaching service allows a LEED AP or GA who lacks experience to successfully manage a LEED certification process. For each of the different phases, our LEED experts will provide regular online coaching sessions, giving personalized support from project kick-off until final certification. In addition to the regular online sessions, our Green Living Software also provides a collaboration platform, allowing continuous, real-time coaching support

LEED Expert

LEED Expert consists of, and is limited to, providing support regarding LEED compliance-related matters. This includes any questions or doubts about credit and prerequisite requirements, alternative compliance paths, credit interpretations, required documentation and pilot credits. Support is provided via our Green Living Software, allowing questions to be posted which will then be answered by our LEED experts. 

Document Quality Control

The Green Building Certification Institute requires evidence of compliance with the LEED Rating System selected during the project. Therefore, the LEED Manager and the team must develop extensive documentation that shows evidence of the implementation of sustainability measures and the desired performances, in the form of LEED templates, intervention and management plans, plans, photographs, and various calculations. The planning, preparation and supervision of all this documentation necessitates intensive document management, requiring not only an in-depth knowledge of the project but also a critical and expert vision of the LEED process. The Green Living Projects team supports the work teams, by controlling the preparation of documentation and ensuring its proper development. This process of reviewing LEED credits and calculations is performed before each stage of the documentation submittal process for the USGBC (Design Review and Construction Review), thereby drastically reducing LEED comments and requests for clarification and documentation review by the GBCI.

Green Living Projects uses proprietary tools for project management and LEED document management, which enables the entire process to be monitored and ensures the proper development of documentation.

This documentation review is carried out as follows: 

  • Review of the Minimum Program Requirements
  • Review all the plans, diagrams and documentation included in the Project Summary Information
  • Review of all the support documentation, credit templates and related data
  • Detection of errors or absence of calculations or documents (design phase)
  • Liaison with the USGBC/GBCI during the design review process and assistance with the interpretation and analysis of potential comments from the USGBC
  • Review of the documentation created by the construction company for the On-Site Management Plans: Indoor Air Quality Management Plan, Construction Waste Management Plan, and the Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan.
  • Review of the tender documentation for LEED construction before project closure (construction phase).

By providing assistance in creating and reviewing documentation the team ensures a solid foundation for the successful completion of a LEED project.

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