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Our Approach

Green Living Projects collaborates with owners and building professionals to push the boundaries of high perormance buildings bringing improved resource efficiency, environmental quality and durabilty to their green building projects.

High Performance Buildings provide superior resource efficiency, a healthier indoor environment, better comfort and improved durability resulting in more value for both their owners and occupants.

The design, construction and operation of high performance buildings requires a performance based, integrative approach which is different from the traditional approach based on rules of thumb and decades-old conventional wisdom. Design and construction professionals tend towards conservatism. This innate conservatism makes sense given the high stakes of building projects. However, to develop and operate a high performance building project, a more holistic approach is required in which architects, engineers, construction managers and project owners work in an integrative and collaborative way in order to benefit from the synergies of their collaboration. It also requires the implementation of  a series of clearly defined performance metrics and process steps in order to minimize risk and maxize the chance of success.

Green Living Projects supports project teams with the implementation of this integrative, performance based approach with tools and practices throughout the main phases of a project:  

  • Dreaming
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Performance
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